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Family Sommerhalder, Delft, The Netherlands

The family in Delft consists of the following persons:

Ruud Sommerhalder (email:, and his wife Julika Sági (email:
They have the following children:

  1. Ruud A. Sommerhalder (email:
  2. Gábor C. Sommerhalder (email:
    (Private matters only!)
    For business matters:

Ruud A. has married Barbara Maiorano (email:
They have the following children:

  1. Emma Julika, born april 25, 2007
  2. Sophia Ersilia, born april 25, 2007

Gábor C. lives together with Gineke Klunder (email:
They have the following children:

  1. Robert Olivier, born april 21, 1999 (email:
  2. Walter Rudolf, born april 22, 2001 (email:

Genealogical data concerns the family Sommerhalder-Pauwels of Swiss-Dutch origin; the family started by the parents of Ruud Sommerhalder:

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